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 Ryan Tillema - “Teams kind of look at you and maybe they're intimidated before you even started. It can almost give you an edge if you can do that on a regular basis in the tournaments.”
 Bret Bielema - “And we'll talk about it as a staff and find out exactly where we think each guy should be. There's a point where certain guys may be carrying too much weight, just from a health standpoint, too.”
 Bret Bielema - “I'm just worried about his health right now.”
 Bret Bielema - “He never had the daily repetitions of a mike learning curve, the reads, the reactions, the fits and drills. It was kind of a season in learning. When he began to start to play pretty well is when he had that little injury and didn't really play well again until the bowl game.”
 Bret Bielema - “He got up and talked about what they ran and why they ran it. I was just amazed at his presence and his knowledge.”
 Bret Bielema - “It's just great to be part of it. I think it's a great testament to the leadership (Alvarez) provides. From Day 1, it's been about this game.”
 Bret Bielema - “Not only that but a leadership role. He's someone who works hard every day. He may not be the best in anything individually. But he's definitely going to try and be the best.”
 Bret Bielema - “We wanted to see him. The defensive coaches thought he moved well enough and wanted to give him a shot there.”
 Ryan Tillema - “There were playing a zone, and there were a lot of gaps in it. Every time I got an open shot, I just tried to take it. (The basket) looks a lot bigger when you have open shots.”
 Bret Bielema - “A lot will be decided on Saturday. (I want) to see how our guys handle certain situations. At times, we've practiced very well in all phases of the game.”
 Bret Bielema - “We were putting some balls on the ground. The picks, as many times as we get our hands on the ball, we can't put them on the ground. That changes the momentum of a game in a heartbeat.”
 Bret Bielema - “He really has trouble when he gets inside too far. He's definitely one of those guys that has to view the play from one angle. I think that will get better and better for him as time goes on.”
 Massimo D'Alema - “I want to invite the premier to lower his tone and stop what appears to be a real strategy of tension, an undermining of the electoral victory that increases the bitterness.”
 Bret Bielema - “He's been battling through that. He rolled (it) right toward the latter part of winter conditioning. I was going to say something to him before practice because he wasn't taped. He's usually taped on that one ankle and he wasn't. But he was after that.”
 Bret Bielema - “The one thing I knew as a head coach (was) I wanted to hire coaches that are good and eventually, as people know how good they are, people are going to want to try and hire them. Unfortunately, it was way too fast in this instance.”
 Bret Bielema - “I like his strength, I like his gamesmanship. If he gets a shoulder on anyone it usually disrupts their path and that's not always the case at the running back position. So I like the power that he brings to the table.”
 Bret Bielema - “Andy is a competitor. He came in and played right away as a true freshman at linebacker and has a great competitive spirit ... I'm excited because I think he's found a rebirth a new way and a new opportunity to get on the field.”
 Bret Bielema - “Chancellor Wiley and Coach Alvarez have extended me a fantastic opportunity to build on our record of success and great tradition. I'm enthusiastic about the future of Badger football and this chance to advance the program.”
 Bret Bielema - “It was an opportunity for them to get their legs back under them.”
 Bret Bielema - “He's a guy that didn't hesitate at all, just jumped right into the challenge and looked forward to the opportunity. He's definitely a big guy that can move around and do good things.”
 Bret Bielema - “It was something that if we practiced well the first couple days down here we knew this was going to be a day (off). We met a little bit but it was an opportunity to let the kids get their legs back.”
 Bret Bielema - “He drinks Mountain Dew with Red Bull. It's the last guy that needs that combination. Before practice, I think he has a Pop Tart sandwich with peanut butter in the middle.”
 Bret Bielema - “Hodge, who has been working in the middle, has the best instincts. Out of the entire group, he probably gets it the fastest, ... He understands, 'This is the call, this is the coverage, this is the situation.' He's got a good feel for things. In a football sense, he's probably the most advanced.”
 Bret Bielema - “I like the way he composes himself on the field. They'll continue to make ground.”
 Bret Bielema - “Obviously, you've seen him make plays out there. He's going to make some for them (opponents), unfortunately. We're trying to get those out of his system.”

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