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 Jacques Lemaire - “I know that teams are looking for players like this. It's great to have a guy that has the power to score goals, and we feel that in the future he will be one of our top guys.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “We got some goals from a lot of guys. We did not start well we played better in the second period.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “In their situation it's got to hurt a bit. But they had a lot of good chances and they didn't score. And to me, the next game ... I think they'll get their goals there. They can't be missing goals like this.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “If the kids were scoring their share of goals, a goal here or there, I couldn't afford to do this. See what I'm saying. I'm changing nothing.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “We gave (Harding) a good test because our reaction around the net was not good, especially on the penalty kill. He hung in there.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “It depends on what this guy (Mason) is going to do. You lose your top goalie, not a good thing before the playoffs.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “The guys played good. The only thing I was not pleased with was the penalties. We have to stay out of the box, but it's so hard.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “Every shot he sends at the net, they're hard to catch because he shoots so hard. He maybe thinks a little more offensively than most guys. It's good to have a defenseman like that.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “We need to play a sharp game. They're rested. But they got to get back into the hockey game.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “I look at games, and this is great hockey. Better than I've ever seen. You get excitement. You get everything.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “They're hard to kill penalties against. You think you have them. You think you're pushing them down and all of a sudden they get the puck between your skates. They send the puck to the guy you just left and they've got a clean shot.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “When we tied it up, you could see the guys had more energy. At that point, I thought we could win the game.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “I was surprised at how well we skated. It was a long day, starting with a flight at 6 a.m., and when we landed, we came straight to the arena and skated. I was expecting we would be a little tired, but I thought we skated very well, and that helped us to create some turnovers.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “With the puck, he was better than I thought he would be. He made good decisions. It's around the net, the kid's got to get better because things happen quicker.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “I thought the overtime was the best. It was exciting, great. Sometimes you don't hear the fans a lot. But there they were standing up and cheering all the chances on both sides.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “Sometimes I get feelings. I thought he might get a puck.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “The guys were really down. I never thought that they would come back. But they did. They battled. Maybe if we had another period, maybe we could tie it.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “The move was made to try and get a spark. I thought if we changed the goalie maybe the other side would do something different or we would play a little harder.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “If you're trying to find a guy that didn't play well, I would have a hard time. Everyone chipped in and really worked hard.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “We're playing better than I thought we would. At a time there, it was looking bad. Now at least, you look at the team, hopefully that's how we're going to look from now until the end of the season. We know we can look like that. We can be that team. Just got to get it together.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “There's something that he does that I like. He's not a perfect player, but there's some good things that I like from him. He brings speed. I think a little more time will determine if there's room or not.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “Nobody. They all played the same. Time is running out.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “Maybe it's going to take a little more time. Maybe it's going to take all the guys to come back.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “He feels ready to play, but I think it's important he takes time to heal well and be able to get into full practices.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “It started to affect his health. When I saw him there, he looked tired. He looked like he had enough. You've got to be able to deal with (stress) in this job. Even last month, I had a tough time dealing with (stress). You want your guys to play the best they can, and when they're not, you feel it's you.”

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