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 Jacques Lemaire - “He's getting there. It takes a little time.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “He's dangerous every time he steps into the offensive zone. He's playing great at this point.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “They got a free goal, just to give them a little momentum, just at the right time.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “You have to put him on the wall in certain situations push him all the time to be better because he's got great talent and great knowledge of the game. Any project, when a guy wants to do well and needs help, I like that challenge. But I need his support, his willingness to succeed. If he has that, I think he can achieve his goals.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “You look at the way we played in the first period I was amazed by the way we moved the puck. I'm coaching these guys, and I was surprised. What the heck is going on They're moving the puck, everyone's skating I didn't teach them that all at one time.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “(Goaltending) could have been better. It was stoppable shots there. He made some good saves a different times, though.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “We just weren't in sync the whole game. We weren't playing as well as we did before the break and at times left our defensemen out to dry.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “He's having just a great season. Brian, every night, every game, he's there giving his best. Sometimes, he's having a tougher night. ... I understand that you can't be at your max every game. I can understand that. I think very easily with that type of player, he'll be there next game. He's going to come back, and if he gets some chances, he's going to score.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “I cannot understand. He jumps, he hits him. He's got no puck. To me, it's an intent to injure.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “I guess we just have to wait. We'll do what we did without him in the past and wait until he feels good and he's ready to play.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “There's a reason why that team is on top of the league. They have guys that move the puck very well, guys that can shoot. They see the entire ice. It's fun to watch, but not when you're behind the other bench.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “That is not the game. The whistle should be blown at the blue line when we move it out. Then we'd have a different game than we had. That's what I want.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “I just asked them to play. That's why we're named the Wild. We're wild. Awful period, then great period.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “I think we played much better than we did in Detroit. What I'm looking at is the way we played, we didn't look as a team where you could say, 'Colorado's a lot better than the Wild.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “If the goalie can't go across, that's fine. Goalie tried to go across, and he went across, and he missed the puck. There's a lot worse than this.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “I don't think we made a lot of mistakes like that. It was just the wrong time, the wrong place.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “It'll take the whole year. Maybe two years. Maybe three years. Not to be negative, but you just can't cut it. ... You'll see it forever. Hopefully, you'll see it less as years go by.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “The (replay) crew upstairs has got to be the worst in the NHL. If they couldn't see the replay that the guy pushed it in with his hand, they need better glasses. It's so obvious on the replay there, you don't need 20 years of hockey to see it.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “He's a guy who shows up every night. I haven't seen a guy as in shape as he is. The way he's skating night after night, I just don't remember a guy that intense.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “It was a pretty good game both sides. In the third they got a couple good plays and we made a mistake on that last goal.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “We had our chances. We could have won. But one mistake in overtime won it for them.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “It's not only missing calls. They didn't miss that slash. He didn't read it well. It was a slash. But it's the wrong guy.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “Playing here, our guys have a little more intensity. We had good legs, and a lot of energy. It was exciting, and we love to make it exciting.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “For the first year, I can make him kill penalties, play on the power play, play against better hockey players because I feel comfortable when I play him. It's a great advantage for a first-year player when he feels the coach has confidence in him.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “Against a team like that, you just can't make any type of mistake. They find a way. It starts with the goalie. He makes the save... and they find a way to get the right goal at the right time.”

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