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 Jacques Lemaire - “It's kind of hard right now for certain guys to get some points. They need players that will hold onto the puck and make better plays.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “It's not one game that's going to make or destroy where he's at now. It's a chance for him to jump in and see what he can do. If things go well, it's great. If it doesn't go well, then I'm going to try to give him another game... regardless.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “We know we're as exciting as other teams ... we're playing like everyone else. It's the press. I would have to look at their background in hockey to really know what they're talking about. I don't have to go out and try to make my point. If they don't know the game, they don't know the game.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “They capitalize on every little mistake you make. That's a sign of a good team, a team that is on top of the league and playing well.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “It's in and out, but it will be good. Maybe it will make us appreciate home.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “As soon as we started to make good passes and hit the forwards, we started to move and we did that in the second and third.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “The guys were looking around and finding the open guys well. They were able to stop them from shooting at times and when they did have shots, Manny (Fernandez) was there to make the saves.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “Before, he didn't look serious about his job, although he was serious. That's where he changed the most. If you're serious, when you speak in the room, the guys listen. If you're joking all the time, and you go into the room and try to be serious, they won't believe you.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “If we feel that Manny needs a rest, we'll play the kid.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “The 5-on-3, we took advantage of that. We moved the puck well and got good shots on the power play, and that's what we're looking for.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “First thing when you think about Jimmy Dowd, he's a guy you can rely on. He's a great team player, loves the game, loves to play. He's a fan and a player.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “They win a lot of games with their power play. They score at the right time. They have shooters on the point, and they have scorers who have an instinct for the puck.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “He's a kid who wants to play, there is no doubt. And I think he deserves another try.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “We played well. We deserved more, there's no doubt. Got to go back at it tomorrow.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “I want to make the playoffs next year. There's no doubt. That's going to be our goal.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “There's no doubt he is hitting more. He's more involved. At times, when he gets hit, he is going to hit back, which is good.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “These guys will play better - there is no doubt.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “It's a tough way to lose, no doubt.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “We know it's going to be twice as hard. These guys will play better, there's no doubt. We will try to elevate our game. If we do not, there's no way we will have a chance to win.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “The crowd was excited after we killed it, and just before that, we weren't playing as well as we did. With the crowd cheering, I could see the lift of the players. I could see them play a little harder. It was neat.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “Stephane is working hard, but he tries to beat people by himself and gets himself out of position because he's so excited. You have to be in control.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “I'm going to prove that I'm a top goalie.' That's what he's got to focus on. The rest he can't control.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “Definitely. He's playing with a lot of energy, a lot of confidence. It's a great time for Gabby to play the best he can play.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “I haven't thought about that. The guys from last year, I see them ... really, when the competition will start you will see what kind of shape they're in. They look good now, but they haven't wrestled yet. They haven't got an elbow in the face. A kick in the butt. A slash on the ankle. But it's coming.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “We're all excited because they say they're going to take care of the holding and grabbing. We feel with these rules enforced, we're going to score more goals.”

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