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 Jacques Lemaire - “We have an opportunity to try to get Manny as strong as possible mentally, and that is by playing. We'll take care of the other kid's needs later on.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “I think we can play as good as them some nights. I do not know now if we're capable of doing it every night. That's the only difference. We're going to look like we should make the playoffs, then we'll drop to a level where if we play like this, we just can't expect to be there. That's how it is.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “At times we blame the defense (for penetration), but there's a certain job the center man has to do and the winger has to do. We were stronger on the boards tonight than we were last night. They save a lot of energy because the puck is not in our end and they don't have to chase people. That helps them.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “To get a good balance, you need to play both ends of the ice as well as you can, and we were really, really bad in that second month in our end.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “What he's been doing lately, this is what I was expecting all year. He's getting chances. He's more than average defensively. By getting chances, he's going to get his goals. He's there.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “Average game. I'm expecting a little more offensively. He's got some tools, and we expect more.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “I told him to try to be stronger with the puck or I'm going to have a heart attack.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “Our defensemen were great and quickly got the puck out of our end. I think that was a huge difference. They couldn't sustain the attack.”
 Jacques Lemaire - “You asked him I didn't. You're ahead of me. We'll see. It's always subject to change.”

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