My Favorite Quotes
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 Gerry Fleming - “I don't think they're must-win games. But I want to win.”
 Gerry Fleming - “They're big, they're strong, they skate well, they're well coached. There's a lot of positives to their team. I think it's going to be a battle. If you look at the games we've played, they've all been tight. There's not much separation.”
 Valerie Fleming - “I have watched every Opening Ceremony growing up and always dreamed about walking into a Games. When I walked in, the first thing I felt was that I am really part of it. ... The minute they said, 'And now the United States of America,' you got such a rush.”
 Stephen Fleming - “There were some boos and jeers about what we did. But it did not only mean we got the result we needed it meant everyone got a spectacle when there otherwise would not have been one. After England's success this summer, the crowds need to see good games of county cricket.”
 Steve Fleming - “The program also taught my kid how to be a man. He is now conscious about how he looks and he does things now that he would never have done before. This summer, for instance, he got his first job at the golf course.”
 Stephen Fleming - “We've got a good formula going and the harder it gets to score, the tougher it gets to get in the game and we're denying them really well.”
 Gerry Fleming - “(The Gwinnett series) is going to be just like the Greenville series. It's going to be tough. It's not going to get easier. It's going to get tougher. We know that. Gwinnett is a good team.”
 Alexander Fleming - “A good gulp of hot whiskey at bedtime - it's not very scientific but it helps”
 Anna Fleming - “I knew it'd feel good. I didn't know it would feel this good. I remember how it felt last year and I didn't want that feeling again. We had to win.”
 Tom Fleming - “It was a good run, but you have to feel for this senior class. We had some great efforts not only tonight but through our entire season.”
 Stephen Fleming - “Edwards is going to be a handful through the summer. He bowls at a lively pace and has a good work ethic. He looks to be a good competitor.”
 Paul Leming - “We continue to believe that growth expectations for the semiconductor industry in general are too high, and multiples in this industry have to come down,”
 Paul Leming - “We continue to believe that growth expectations for the semiconductor industry in general are too high, and multiples in this industry have to come down.”
 Bill Fleming - “We work like a surgical team. We think exactly the same. He knows what tool to hand me before I even ask for it.”
 Stephen Fleming - “We hope he will be fit for the second Test in Cape Town.”
 Richard Fleming - “I think sellers are being unrealistic. The house I'm looking at down the street, the (recent comparable sale) is 1.5 million, and they're asking 1.98 million.”
 Ian Fleming - “He asked if he could submit power-outage information through SMS. It was a customer's idea, and it will actually save us money while improving service.”
 Bill Fleming - “Domestic vehicles are still real popular, ... The import market is the big, growing thing. Forty percent of what we do in our machine shop is imports, and it's growing.”
 Stephen Fleming - “I am a bit surprised at Indians' late arrival at the venue,”
 Bill Fleming - “In this industry, you try to buy equipment that will do a multitude of stuff. Versatility is the name of the game.”
 George Fleming - “Let them know who may be contacting them, and briefly outline the key elements you would like them to respond to. That way, your references will be able to respond with relevant information.”
 Gerry Fleming - “It's not his ankle. It's a different injury.”
 Stephen Fleming - “It's an inflammation injury that will settle down with a period of rest, we haven't been able to get him enough rest. I don't think it's a career-threatening injury, just annoying.”
 Tim Fleming - “As the judge pointed out, loathsome and inexplicable for various reasons.”
 Richard Fleming - “The lady he was working for didn't know what diseases he might have, so in we go and clean it all up.”

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