My Favorite Quotes
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 Paris Lenon - “I'm playing ball now. I'm just trying to learn the best I can and improve from week to week.”
 Barnaby Lenon - “The main reason why we've set up the international school in Thailand in the first instance was to raise money for Harrow in the UK,”
 Paris Lenon - “If anything would happen to me, he wouldn't allow me to cry about it. He just said, 'You're all right. Walk it off.' So, when you have that embedded in you, that builds you to be the person that you are.”
 Barnaby Lenon - “It's a franchise operation. They pay us for every pupil that they take -- a sum of money -- which is helpful to Harrow in the UK. It helps to build up facilities here and it helps to keep the fees for the parents down, so it's worthwhile.”
 Paris Lenon - “I think I was real raw at the time. I had played college, but in college I had three or four position coaches. I don't know that I necessarily had specific training at the linebacker position that would help me.”
 Barnaby Lenon - “It's safe to assume that pupils these days are going to go on to jobs where they're going to be working in an international dimension, and that's reflected in the way we organize things here at Harrow and indeed in the pupils that come here.”