My Favorite Quotes
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 Bryan Lerg - “We've been doing it, and ever since we've been doing it, our team's been putting a lot of goals in. I guess it's what we've got to keep on doing.”
 Jeff Lerg - “It was just one of those goals. We got the lead and then I don't really know what happened. I think it went over (defenseman Ethan) Graham's head. I like to be aggressive and tried to poke at it, but didn't get it.”
 Bryan Lerg - “The pressure is on us right now. We'd hate to lose a game like this especially after not being beaten by them all year.”
 Jeff Lerg - “He just gets it and throws it to the net, I know his game. I'll be hearing about that one for the whole summer.”
 Jeff Lerg - “The team played so well in front of me. We kept them on the outside and controlled all the rebounds tonight. It was great to shut down a high-powered team. But I know they'll be flying the next time we play them.”
 Jeff Lerg - “It's definitely one of the best games that our team has played, for sure. I didn't have to make that many big saves. Our defense is playing great. Most of (Michigan's) shots came from the outside.”
 Bryan Lerg - “I don't think we brought our 'A' game, but goaltending was a big factor. Jeff was great tonight. He stood on his head to make some of saves. The shots we took, we had to make sure they were goals because we didn't get many good shots.”
 Jeff Lerg - “I didn't have to stop a ton of shots tonight because my teammates played great defense. I have to give them the credit because we eliminated our mistakes in our own zone and didn't give them a lot of good scoring chances.”
 Jeff Lerg - “I'm pretty superstitious. Not out of control, but just little things.”
 Jeff Lerg - “He and I can't control who goes in the lineup. I supported him when he was playing a lot more at the beginning of the year, and he's been supporting me when I've been in.”