My Favorite Quotes
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 Rosette Lerias - “We have decided to end our search and rescue operation... to give way for the construction of evacuation centers.”
 Rosette Lerias - “They are being buried as we speak, 50 of them, all in the one grave.”
 Rosette Lerias - “This is one of the last chances we have. The reports of the text messages, you'd like to believe them and hope that they are true because it's the only inspiration that keeps us going.”
 Rosette Lerias - “I have a glimmer of hope, based on the rule of thumb Within 24 hours, you can still find survivors. After that, you move on to the recovery phase.”
 Rosette Lerias - “They had to withdraw. They couldn't enter. We are continuing with our operations. We have not lost hope.”
 Rosette Lerias - “It is impossible to relocate everyone. This is a lesson for us but a lesson to which we have no permanent solutions.”
 Rosette Lerias - “You don't see any houses any more. I saw only four rooftops that were covered by water everything else was covered by mud.”
 Rosette Lerias - “We asked them to leave yesterday. I had some of the villages checked again today, because some people didn't want to leave their homes.”
 Rosette Lerias - “We'll resume first hour in the morning tomorrow Saturday.”
 Rosette Lerias - “Presently we have more than 300 rescue members from the Army, Air Force and even mountaineer volunteers at the disaster site.”