My Favorite Quotes
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 Brad Lerman - “The government is out to destroy him. I'm actually astounded by it. I'm stunned.”
 David Hallerman - “The growth will be driven mainly by search.”
 Dan Gillerman - “It's a Palestinian invention which unfortunately they've exported with great skill all over the world.”
 Jonathan Kellerman - “Without sounding pompous, I really do feel that I have a set of standards that I must adhere to, even leaving aside considerations of what the readers expect.”
 Jonathan Kellerman - “We tend to read each other's books in sizeable chunks as they are written. I don't know that you could say we are ruthless with each other - in fact, I suppose we are very kind. There are ways to make suggestions which are not destructive.”
 Jonathan Kellerman - “These people are real to me, and situations keep coming up where their emergence feels natural. It's like meeting old friends. I hope readers feel the same way.”
 Jonathan Kellerman - “The key to this collaboration - which we undertook after much deliberation - was to stretch creatively. New characters, new locales, new form (the novella).”
 Jonathan Kellerman - “The characters emerge from my rather twisted mind. That's another enjoyable part of the job making stuff up.”
 Jonathan Kellerman - “Each novel is harder than its predecessor because I must work harder at not repeating myself. However, I enjoy the challenge. This is the greatest job in the world.”
 Sally Kellerman - “Well, you know, I've had a very checkered career.”
 Sally Kellerman - “Well, it was the beginning of my film career. It was amazing to me that I got nominated for an Academy Award.”
 Sally Kellerman - “That they were going to rebel Yeah. They were just such rebels anyway, and their characters were rebels, so they just lived it to the hilt.”
 Sally Kellerman - “My friends always said that I should be a comedienne - I was named my class clown.”
 Sally Kellerman - “I wasn't a businesswoman, so I didn't know how to build a career.”
 Sally Kellerman - “I was always telling everybody that I could be funny.”
 Sally Kellerman - “I was always playing the hard-bitten drunk.”
 Sally Kellerman - “I was also the romantic lead in The Boston Strangler - I was the only one that lived to tell the story - so I called myself the romantic lead.”
 Sally Kellerman - “I remember working with Rod, though, on Chrysler Hour. I was too young and dumb to know that I was supposed to be scared of anybody or anything - like getting fired or anything like that.”
 Sally Kellerman - “I had just had small parts in other films, and I'd worked with a lot of directors in TV.”
 Sally Kellerman - “He wasn't directing it, of course, so I didn't work with Hitchcock.”
 Sally Kellerman - “And he was going to give me a song, because I'm a singer and I wanted to sing in everything.”
 Jonathan Kellerman - “It didn't feel difficult at the time because I was so charged up about both books. Afterward, however, I was pretty tired. In a good way, like after a great workout.”
 Sally Kellerman - “I was an idiot in terms of career-building, but I had a great time.”
 Jonathan Kellerman - “That's what's so great about my job. I get paid to do what got me in trouble in grade school space out and play with my imaginary friends. In terms of Isaac, when the time's right.”
 Sally Kellerman - “I work out, I go to pilates, I walk and I eat everything I can get my hands on.”

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