My Favorite Quotes
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 Jan Leroy - “The mood is very positive. Earnings are supportive, the economic data is supportive and there's an MA frenzy. We think inflation will remain contained.”
 Greg LeRoy - “It's an injury to the state that doesn't get the deal. And everybody else has to pay for that lost revenue.”
 Jan Leroy - “For the time being I wouldn't panic or read too much into (the oil price), but if it goes even higher or if it remains at such a level for an extended period, it could become a drag on the economy.”
 Claude LeRoy - “Everything is OK from yesterday but too much energy was spent on this issue.”
 Jan Leroy - “People are a bit concerned about higher inflation and pressure on profit margins. After a strong run in the first quarter, it is healthy and normal to have a pause for breath.”
 Greg LeRoy - “If you don't evaluate your programs, you can't make smart decisions. You're just throwing money at an issue without any clue whether you're getting any bang for your buck.”
 Claude LeRoy - “If they are not paid, they will not play the quarter-final. That's absolutely sure, absolutely certain.”
 Claude LeRoy - “We will try our best at least to draw the game but to be honest we are not ready to play for a draw. At a tactical level, we can't really endure a defensive siege for 90 minutes, so we'll be out to play our normal game.”
 Jan Leroy - “Every negative development in the oil price slams the energy stocks. Oil companies are increasingly dependent on higher oil prices because their own costs are also rising.”
 Claude LeRoy - “The score was a bit cruel, but that's football and we congratulate the Egypt team.”
 Greg LeRoy - “We believe that economic development subsidies for job creation -- if they are serious about reducing poverty -- must be better integrated with public transit. These projects demonstrate many ways that localities are making that connection.”
 Greg LeRoy - “It doesn't seem to matter that this country is swimming in grossly overbuilt retail space. Retailers have become bolder with their requests for public money.”
 Claude LeRoy - “Before the game against Angola, there were as many as twenty people trying to call him and tell him he could earn so much money... maybe his concentration was upset.”
 Jan Leroy - “It's a cash machine. The company is well positioned for growth in Latin America and Asia.”
 Jan Leroy - “We're still positive on the stock. It's clear that ABB, after a downturn, is benefiting from strong demand. That's very positive, not only for the results but for the outlook in 2006.”
 John McKleroy - “I remember losing that ring. I got the ring my junior year and I lost it right after I got it. I was on a retreat in 1962 with the First Methodist Church youth group.”
 Claude LeRoy - “Football is a school of humility and behavior. I am not proud of our second red card in two games. I am not happy with the way some of my players are behaving ... I feel a bit ashamed.”
 Greg LeRoy - “It's a red herring. All state and local taxes combined as a cost of doing business for the average company in America comes to only 0.8 percent.”
 John McKleroy - “It was all rough country. This is kind of funny, but I just knew in the back of my mind when they (the Army Corps) completed the dam, my ring would probably be at the bottom of the lake someday.”