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 Nate Burleson - “It was good to see him go out there and do the things he has been doing. He was wearing No. 18, but he's still No. 84 to me. I'm just glad he's playing well out there.”
 Rick Burleson - “We dug our own grave.”
 Nyla Milleson - “Who could imagine the journey these seniors have taken us on I can barely find the words to describe them.”
 Stan Eagleson - “I thought we played well for three quarters and even in the fourth quarter we didn't play that poorly. We had open looks at the basket. The shots wouldn't fall for us and they did for them.”
 Stan Eagleson - “It's all about winning and moving on. You have to be a little bit lucky, but I thought defensively, it was one of our better efforts.”
 Nyla Milleson - “In the 31 games we've played this year, we've had that happen in 29 of them now. In the last 12 or 13 minutes, I thought we had great energy and kind of exploded.”
 Nyla Milleson - “For three halves, we just struggled offensively. I thought we came out and played with better effort and better energy in the second half.”
 Tom Eagleson - “When we heard it was her appendix, we all thought the worst. But then, it turned out to be kidney stones.”
 Nate Burleson - “It was tough for him. When Superman sees Kryptonite for the first time, it's shocking.”
 Nyla Milleson - “That's some of the best Bethany has played in her time here. The things that she does don't show up in the (stat sheet), but she does what she does best.”
 Mike Leson - “We played just super Saturday, and I figured we might be down today.”
 Eric Maleson - “As soon as we found out, he was sent home. Today he's at the airport, going back to Brazil.”
 Stan Eagleson - “Our goal coming in was to be playing in the evening session. I do know we can do that. It's another tough game tomorrow against our neighbors. There's not many secrets there.”
 Nyla Milleson - “I wouldn't trade our 19-game run for this one game today.”
 Rick Burleson - “If we don't throw strikes and we don't catch the ball, we're asking for trouble. (Today) we were constantly looking for trouble.”
 Eric Maleson - “He was shocked, surprised and very emotional. I am very disappointed because I trust the athletes, and he knew the rules.”
 Nyla Milleson - “It was an ugly win. But it goes in the 'win' column. You don't put ugly in the win column, you put wins.”
 Tom Eagleson - “She really worked hard over the winter. She added a few new pitches, adding to and refining what she had.”
 Mike Leson - “I'm on top of the world right now. I've been a coach for over 30 years and this is one of the best days I've had.”
 Nyla Milleson - “It's the same challenge, just different people.”
 Nyla Milleson - “It's really a tribute, first of all, to our seniors for stepping up and meeting a new challenge. And then, too, to our whole team, because we had different people step up and carry us on different nights.”
 Nate Burleson - “I had a great opportunity in summer league, ... It was a great experience for me. I got a lot of time, and the guys I played with were great.”
 John Bartleson - “We haven't really had that opportunity this whole season.”
 Rick Burleson - “We talked at length to our pitchers about not giving up walks. Walks will come back to get you. Throwing strikes and allowing the defense to makes plays gives us an opportunity to win. That's it in a nutshell.”
 Nyla Milleson - “We are excited about this opportunity. It's going to be a new challenge trying to win three games in four days.”

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