My Favorite Quotes
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 Trevor Letowski - “We just hung (Denis) out to dry. Their third goal was a big one. They were all over us in the second period, but to give one up like that . . .”
 Trevor Letowski - “I have no idea what he called at that point.”
 Trevor Letowski - “Its tough, losing like that, one-goal games it just makes it worse. Were just not finding ways to win. Its a fine line. Sometimes you need that extra push and were just not there right now.”
 Trevor Letowski - “Its hard not to notice him. Even from the bench, its hard to take your eyes off him.”
 Trevor Letowski - “It was hard to miss this game. But it helps that we won.”
 Trevor Letowski - “Harts (Hartigan) mentioned to me on the bench that his blocker was open. A lot of the guys were trying to deke and he was really staying with the deke. My mind-set was shot. I didn't know exactly where I was going to go. But it was there when I got in on him.”
 Trevor Letowski - “At Christmas time we talked and said we just wanted to get respectability for the franchise. We wanted to be a team that's thought of with respect, one that's tough to come in and play against. That's what we're starting to establish.”