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 Sen. Bartlett - “This is our attempt to get politics out of the way. Last year, people couldn't get over the hurdle and couldn't tackle the one contentious issue. This will really help people in the future as issues become more and more contentious.”
 Sen. Bartlett - “If the governor is trying to portray this, if you are for scholarships, you are against scholarships, you believe in Vermont and don't believe in Vermont, you believe in the future, you don't believe in the future. I believe those are just sound bites and I don't think that is really serious.”
 Luther Bramblett - “I am very happy with the way we have played. We haven't played great in all aspects and have given some games away.”
 Jim Haslett - “I'd like to have them here because we're practicing here, ... But I think we owe it to the state and the region to play a couple games in Baton Rouge if we can.”
 Andrew Bartlett - “Give it a little more throttle.”
 John Triplett - “We're certainly going to go out and give it our best. If we get Marianne back, it will be a boost.”
 Jim Haslett - “I know that the Charlotte reaction took me by surprise last Sunday. It was very nice to give us a standing ovation.”
 Jim Haslett - “Besides Jamal (Lewis), they've got really good running backs. They've got good fullbacks. Their line is huge, ... I think if we can contain this team, it will give us a better indication of where we are at.”
 Jim Haslett - “We talked all week about how we kick field goals instead of scoring touchdowns and we came out and did the same thing.”
 Jim Haslett - “You can't kick field goals in this league and win games. It's just not going to happen.”
 Shawn Willett - “I think this product is good because it has so many options for getting things out of the mainframe,”
 Shawn Willett - “I think this product is good because it has so many options for getting things out of the mainframe.”
 Bruce Bartlett - “The Republican Party needs to start a dialogue that will get it back on track as the party of small government before it loses what is left of its principles, reputation and heritage.”
 Roscoe Bartlett - “These are not government dollars, ... These are your dollars.”
 Dan Bartlett - “We're making sure that they have all the information necessary while we also protect the separation of government. That's something that everybody recognizes and I think everybody at the end of the day can be satisfied.”
 Greg Willett - “Rent growth may have peaked for now.”
 John Bartlett - “You've got earnings growth visibility that's stronger than the market. MA is a tailwind.”
 Bruce Bartlett - “When your team is on a losing streak, you schedule a game with a cream-puff opponent. Then you go with the hot hand.”
 Jason Bartlett - “Without him, at the end of the season, we did get separated. Torii was the guy that would say something if things got out of hand and without him there, no one stepped up to do the same thing.”
 Jim Haslett - “The fumble was because of a missed block in protection. The one pass was bad. The ball just slipped out of his hand.”
 Jim Haslett - “I'm looking forward to hearing what they have to say. I think it's important to weigh all my options.”
 Larry Tripplett - “It just shows the heart of this team. No matter what, we're going to keep fighting.”
 Jim Haslett - “He played pretty (darn) good, ... He's going to be a hell of a player.”
 Jason Catlett - “I'm not sure Passport's going to fly, but in case it does we have to try to protect the privacy of the people who use it. It could end up being the largest surveillance mechanism in history.”
 Jim Haslett - “No, they said he was over. To be honest with you, now a days I don't know what a touchdown is, when a completion is, when you hit the quarterback, what a flagrant foul is. I don't have a clue anymore and I don't think the officials do.”

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