My Favorite Quotes
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 Oliver Letwin - “Although the government has vast amounts of information at its disposal, ministers do not at present have timely access to the mission-critical information that would enable them to spot major systemic failures in the operations for which they are directly responsible.”
 Oliver Letwin - “While there certainly does need to be an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding Dr. Kelly's death, there are very large numbers of questions which all center on the issue of whether the public can trust what the government tells it and which relate to the information given to parliament and the public during the lead-up to war in Iraq.”
 Oliver Letwin - “Of course crime on our streets is a very important issue. But you and I know that these things are not unconnected with issues of social justice.”
 Oliver Letwin - “I am determined that in every aspect of Home Office policy - from drugs to asylum - we will focus the system on the hard case. That means setting clear boundaries for what is acceptable and what is not...”
 Oliver Letwin - “If necessary, I would go out on the streets and beg rather than send them his children to the school next to where I live.”