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 Ronald Leung - “People's sentiment has changed a lot. Everybody used to think gold is of no use. Now, they think gold is pretty good, very beautiful.”
 Ronald Leung - “Gold is left behind, that's all.”
 Ronald Leung - “Gold is rising too fast, but as long as silver keeps going, it's hard to say when it will come down.”
 Ronald Leung - “There's a little bit of buying interest here but not very strong, I would say.”
 Dennis Leung - “People feel that the market at 16,000 is a bit too high so there's not much strong buying interest.”
 Tony Leung - “Initially, I thought it would be quite relaxing because I play Jackie's friend. But I soon found out that it was tiring and dangerous even when I was just running beside him,”
 Ronald Leung - “It's a matter of time before we break 600 again.”
 Dennis Leung - “The market will take a fine line today but banks and property counters are going to weaken because of the interest rate rise.”
 George Leung - “The strong domestic economy should cushion the impact of an anticipated slowdown in Hong Kong's trade growth this year.”
 Dennis Leung - “There's still profit taking pressure but I expect the index to trade around the 17,500 level today.”
 Katie Leung - “I couldn't understand why people were so angry. A lot of the messages were from jealous girls who didn't like the fact that I play Harry's love interest in the film and some of them did bring my ethnicity into it.”
 Tony Leung - “You have no specific direction at the very beginning, you don't have a script, ... You don't know the story. There are little hints, so there's no right or wrong in creating your character. You can do whatever you want. And it's like an adventurous journey.”
 Tony Leung - “If that takes five years I will die before the shooting is finished,”
 Simon Leung - “We came from a very small market share. We have stepped up our efforts ... we have made it (India) the headquarters of our high growth markets. We should be number two in no time.”
 Mira Leung - “I really love my free program so I'm going to be looking forward to skating it Friday night. I know that if I do well I'll go to the Olympics.”
 Tony Leung - “Wong suggested Charles Bukowski as a role model. I didnt ask him why, ... But I knew it would not be easy, because the original Mr. Chow was still inside me. I got used to his body language, his tempo, his gestures, his voice. Now, with the same costume, the same sets, even the same hair cream, I would have to play the part differently.”
 Thomas Leung - “My goal is to have Chinese medicine accessible to everyone, not just to Chinese people.”
 Thomas Leung - “And then you have people who know very little about alternative medicine but have a lot of very strong opinions. They're very opinionated about the field, so you have to go up against that.”
 Tony Leung - “And I said, 'I need something to get hold of to make myself believe that I am a new person. Can I have a moustache' And he said 'No'”
 Katie Leung - “She said make the most of it , it's your day. Just enjoy the experience,”
 Ronald Leung - “It may test 553 first, and if it closes below 552, there will be some kind of stop-loss (order).”
 Tony Leung - “Whereas Jing is girlish devotion personified, Ziyi Zhang is the epitome of forced flirtation as the prostitute Bai. When she falls in love with her drinking pal Chow, they both pretend it's a simple transaction, even as their passion rocks the hotel and lights up the screen. Zhang, who has Westernized the word order of her name since Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, ... Hero.”
 Tony Leung - “It's very sad. It's very sad, ... At the very beginning I think this is a story about a man (trying to) carry on his life after he broke up with the woman he loves. And he tries to change. He tries to forget the past. He tries to live like a new man. He thinks he's changed entirely, he sees things, he acts differently, but deep down inside him I think he still lingers with the past and that's sad.”
 Tony Leung - “He is cynical because he doesnt want to get hurt. You can find the original Chow when hes alone. You feel his sadness and his loneliness. When hes with other people, he seems to be happy. But deep down, hes still living with his past.”
 Katie Leung - “I can't believe I'm here. It's inevitable that a few girls are going to be jealous, but everyone in the crowd has been lovely to me.”

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