My Favorite Quotes
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 Lori Leveen - “We are actually trying to slow down a little bit to put in the foundations to maintain the level of customer service that we've been providing through the years.”
 Lori Leveen - “That really went crazy. We had hundreds of phone calls from that one small ad. People said 'If you know something about lights, you may know something about dictionary stands, bookcases, and desks.' So we just listened to what people wanted and grew from that.”
 Lori Leveen - “We bought a small house in Boston and we got it set up and had everything perfectly arranged until we realized we really only had one seat in the house that had sufficient light for reading and every night there was a battle of who could race to this chair faster with a reading book and I was always losing being the smallest. So we really started a quest to look for an ultimate reading light.”