My Favorite Quotes
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 Craig Levein - “We had chances to go in front and give ourselves a more comfortable evening but we didn't do that,”
 Craig Levein - “I think the whole thing just needed swept away. It started again with somebody new just changing the emphasis. George Burley coming in at the same time as Mr Romanov and having no thoughts in his head about Celtic or Rangers has been a great help to them.”
 Craig Levein - “Now there's been a settling back down back to what it was 15, 20 years ago. The gap between the wages has got to the stage now that not only are Hearts getting closer to the Old Firm because they are spending less, but Hearts are going up the way with wages.”
 Craig Levein - “It's been changing for a few years,”
 Craig Levein - “For some strange reason the cup competition does not bring the same pressure that the league does at this moment in time, so therefore the players relax a little bit, play a bit more off the cuff and don't over-think.”
 Craig Levein - “Hearts are taking the next step now but that next step needed a clear-out. My departure helped clear the decks and I think it has been the best thing for Hearts,”