My Favorite Quotes
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 Richard Treleven - “I think they thought we put a lot of frills in that they didn't think were necessary. We tightened up a lot of stuff.”
 Steve Leven - “They pressed in the first half, too. We were just more decisive of what we were doing. There wasn't the miscommunication and the confusion. We were getting the ball up quick, and our big guys were shooting a very high percentage. The press wasn't harder in the second half we made it harder. A lot of people say that we're a young team and that we have to grow. But that time is over. We all have to step up.”
 Steve Leven - “I've never lost a game like that. They didn't beat us. We lost it. Every turn of that game was in our hands. We gave that game away. Maybe that's the wrong thing to say, but we gave it away.”
 Richard Treleven - “No matter what happens, we have to at least renovate this building.”
 Steve Leven - “It was just as tough as last year. We just did a better job of limiting our mental errors. We had a couple late in the game last year, and all week we made a conscious effort to follow the game plan.”
 Richard Treleven - “They will be doing polling so that we can get a scientifically valid representation of the feelings of the community about the library.”