My Favorite Quotes
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 Demetra Blevins - “She said that he picked up her son and threw him on the floor. He said that the little boy had fell off the couch, but that she had threw his little girl.”
 Kyle Levins - “We had to get fired back up. When we got off to that big lead, we thought we'd beat them. We figured they were done. Then they came back and scored, and that lit a fire underneath us.”
 Kyle Levins - “That (home run) was incredible. I never would have thought in a million years that would happen. I'm used to hitting singles and doubles, and that came out of nowhere. That shut them down.”
 Kim Levins - “A lot of shots fell Wednesday (in the semis) that didn't fall tonight. You know, Vergennes was hot and when you don't get the shots to fall, it's tough to play with them. They're a great team.”
 Kim Levins - “We switched up to a 3-2 defense and that worked well against their weave. We extended them out and it caused some problems.”
 Kim Levins - “We ran the floor well but we made some poor decisions early we threw the ball around. For us to be successful, we've got to shoot well and we've got play good defense.”
 Kim Levins - “We didn't deny the first pass. I think our little lack of defensive intensity and rebounding didn't really cost us tonight.”
 Demetra Blevins - “His eye was already swollen shut, completely shut. It was already turning colors. Blood was pouring from his mouth and his nose at the same time.”
 Demetra Blevins - “I got the baby and I put him in my arms and he was just lifeless. The only thing he kept saying was mamma, mamma.”