My Favorite Quotes
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 Carlos Levorin - “The market is much calmer. Basically it was the continuation of yesterday's trend today, helped by a rise in U.S. stocks.”
 Carlos Levorin - “We are having a constant flow of domestic investment. People have changed their strategy. If you want a good return you have to go to variable income.”
 Carlos Levorin - “The U.S. economy appears to be slowing faster than we thought, people are eyeing a recession and, in the heat of the moment, that is causing panic.”
 Carlos Levorin - “The market is basically strong but there seems to be a lack of funds and some people are turning around to eke out profits.”
 Carlos Levorin - “The SP news helped. But we are having large inflows as big banks move more money into Latin America.”
 Carlos Levorin - “I think the news of Mexico's upgrade to investment grade also is helping Brazil. People are thinking Brazil could also have some sort of upgrade.”
 Carlos Levorin - “If you make things easier for Mexico, you end up making them easier for Brazil.”
 Carlos Levorin - “The market needs more money to make a new push and that money will probably have to come from foreign capital because domestic capital is starting to even out.”