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 Vance Belew - “It's just one of those quirks that comes up in the schedule and you have to deal with it. This should be a good three-game stretch to prepare us for the last part of our schedule.”
 Paul Ballew - “The industry had a very good month in May and we believe GM will actually outperform the industry, ... We expect to maintain that momentum as we head into the back half of the year.”
 Paul Ballew - “We're coming off the three strongest months in the history of the industry.”
 Paul Ballew - “We're not pleased with our sales decline, but it's important for us to improve the quality of our sales.”
 Paul Ballew - “Underlying demand remains very strong. The first four months of the year certainly exceeds our forecasts and the forecasts of everyone else in the industry.”
 Paul Ballew - “Everyone is going to remain aggressive in the marketplace, ... ...I think the industry as a whole is just grappling with pressure on pricing.”
 Paul Ballew - “I can't say I'd be surprised if industry ran 17 million units in April. Would I be surprised if it ran at 18 Yes I would.”
 Paul Ballew - “We were down a little bit from where we expected to be, and the industry was a little softer than we expected it to be.”
 Paul Ballew - “I think it's still prudent to remain cautious, ... January has gotten us off to a pretty good start for the industry.”
 Paul Ballew - “The bottom line for us is the utility market remains the largest category in the industry. We are anticipating we will maintain our share of a stable market that is still very profitable.”
 Paul Ballew - “I would describe it as a pretty solid year for the industry and one that is above our expectations that we had at the beginning part of the year.”
 Paul Ballew - “The (light truck) market is still important, the market is vital for us,”
 Adrian Belew - “The only drawback is once the work is done you rarely see each other.”
 Adrian Belew - “My favorite puzzle is trying to work out the parts myself, after all it is a solo effort.”
 Adrian Belew - “King Crimson will soon be touring parts of Europe.”
 Adrian Belew - “King Crimson is never easy it's challenging. That's why I like it.”
 Adrian Belew - “I'm slowly designing my second Experimental Guitar record. And next year I will release DUST, the giant rarities collection mentioned earlier.”
 Adrian Belew - “I was left with an urge to make the guitar sound like things it shouldn't be able to sound like.”
 Adrian Belew - “I love drums and still play frequently.”
 Adrian Belew - “I have enjoyed all the artists I've worked with.”
 Adrian Belew - “I borrowed a guitar at age 16 and taught myself to play because I wanted to write songs.”
 Adrian Belew - “Digital for storage and quickness. Analog for fatness and warmth.”
 Adrian Belew - “Currently I'm working with Parker Fly on a new Midi guitar to arrive next year.”
 Adrian Belew - “As you can appreciate over my lifetime I've developed a large vocabulary of sounds each requiring certain physical techniques often combined with a specific effect box.”
 Adrian Belew - “Age 10. I joined the school marching band as a drummer.”

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