My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Lewandowski - “They all are in pretty good shape.”
 Joe Lewandowski - “Hunting revenue is not growing. It's pretty much staying flat.”
 John Lewandowski - “Generally, kids learn more quickly when they're having fun. Adults learn to learn kids have to go through a different process at first. As a kid you have to have your interest pulled in. You're not motivated in the same way.”
 Joe Lewandowski - “For the price of a couple of lattes, you can get a longer lasting investment in Colorado's wildlife.”
 Joe Lewandowski - “That's not as expensive as buying land outright.”
 Joe Lewandowski - “They thought the best thing to do was catch them and release them right away.”
 Joe Lewandowski - “We're not going to be adding officers (to pursue collectors). But a regulation would be another tool and could be a fair deterrent as word of mouth gets around.”
 Joe Lewandowski - “That's the worst we played this year, without a doubt. We'd just come off of a tournament at our pool where we played good ball and then today we were sleeping.”
 John Lewandowski - “Our athletic department and business managers had to make some tough decisions about who got to go.”
 Joe Lewandowski - “But extreme measures can be prevented. If people don't make pet food, bird seed or garbage easily available to bears, they won't hang around.”
 Joe Lewandowski - “The landowners said the bears were acting aggressively. They weren't prosecuted and after a wildlife officer talked to them about bear behavior, they were repentant.”
 Joe Lewandowski - “The animals we had there got good and fat.”