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 Shawn Lewinski - “We didn't want that to happen. We definitely wanted to limit their opportunities, and we didn't do a very good job of that.”
 Pete Lewinski - “You need good senior leadership.”
 Pete Lewinski - “I can't say enough about these guys. We've got great senior leadership and continue to battle as a team. They play as one and it shows.”
 Pete Lewinski - “I thought our press really was working and we got a lot of turnovers. On offense, we ran the floor well on offensive transition. We got a lot of fast breaks and that enabled us to get the big lead.”
 Pete Lewinski - “Houghton came in ready tonight. They were a different team than the last time they played us. I was impressed by Houghton's intensity.”
 Shawn Lewinski - “It's tough, we really felt good about our chances. And especially for these seniors that have been here three times, and to fall short all three times, it's hard.”
 Glen Lewinski - “The rule is, you can afford a house about 2 12 times your income. Well, you'd be hard-pressed to find a 140,000 house around here anymore.”
 Pete Lewinski - “I was disappointed with the way we came out in the first half. We weren't mentally or physically in the game. I was perplexed. We talked about that at halftime. I told them they had a shot at a share of the conference title with Houghton and they weren't playing like it.”
 Pete Lewinski - “I thought they made more noise than the Houghton fans did. Myself and the team would like to thank them for coming up.”
 Shawn Lewinski - “Once we scored that first goal, I thought we were going to get going. Unfortunately they actually settled in, they started playing their game. I think we relaxed, and that was a big mistake.”
 Pete Lewinski - “Our starters were dead. It was just sheer will there in the end. What helped us tonight is our maturity. We're a senior-dominated team.”
 Glen Lewinski - “They just rely on people driving farther and farther to get to work. But for the economy here to grow, we need to provide a place for employees to live. Gas at 2.57 a gallon makes it pretty hard for someone making 12 an hour to drive a long way.”
 Pete Lewinski - “We like to pride ourselves on defense.”
 Glen Lewinski - “When you start getting 10 percent cuts on top on 23 percent cuts, that's when the decision-making gets difficult.”
 Glen Lewinski - “We have lots of homes for upper income people, but the middle class is being squeezed stagnant wages and the cost of homes rising so fast -- 8 percent, 9 percent a year.”
 Glen Lewinski - “If it's gone, the community either loses or makes up the difference.”
 Pete Lewinski - “Again, it was a total team effort by our ball club. I'm really proud of the boys' effort.”
 Pete Lewinski - “They are unselfish and they like each other, which equals excellent team chemistry.”
 Pete Lewinski - “That's how we take care of the ball.”
 Pete Lewinski - “If you're that, all the other goals will take care of themselves.”
 Pete Lewinski - “Any of the five is capable of scoring in the 20s.”
 Pete Lewinski - “They're not a rah-rah type of team. They take care of business on the court. They're not very vocal. Maybe that's good, because they keep their cool in tough situations.”
 Pete Lewinski - “Pawlak is a very smart player. He's a good student. He brings that to the basketball court. He's the guy we want on the line at the end of the game.”
 Pete Lewinski - “All these guys are good basketball players.”
 Pete Lewinski - “They're good basketball players, but they're even better people. They're a pleasure to work with. They're unselfish, and the work level was so good. It's been a pleasure to work with these guys. They're going to be missed. It's going to be weird not seeing them in the gym. They have done the school proud. It's a special team, especially with their record.”

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