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 Monica Lewinsky - “high-ranking White House official.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “I think I told her that, you know, at various times, the president and Mr. Jordan had told me I have to lie. That wasn't true.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “Whatever my quote, unquote truth is.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “constantly to walk us through all of this, to sort out the facts from the theater.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “I better not put one foot wrong, because the independent counsel is sitting there watching and he's already told me that this deal is gone if I don't cooperate with the House managers”
 Monica Lewinsky - “Anyone who has struggled with excess weight knows that this is a very personal issue, and it's not an easy one to talk about. The Jenny Craig organization has respected my wishes to keep my participation in their program confidential, but I want to clarify rumors and news reports by saying that I'm on the Jenny Craig program, and I love it.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “But several sources have said Kendall, Clinton's lead attorney, has voiced reservations about any detailed public statement because of the attorney's loyalty to the first lady. Also advisers have said the language of a possible public explanation would be tricky. The president specifically told reporters in January he did not have an improper ... sexual relations with that woman.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “It was a mutual physical relationship, and emotional, ... Larry King Live.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “When we turn on CNN and see her picture, it's really hard to believe she's at the center of all this because ... that's just Monica.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “It was really more the president choosing the hallway, I think, and it was -- there weren't any windows there, ... I think a lot of times we ended up just sort of standing there (in the hallway) and talking there because he could close the door to the bathroom and lean up against the bathroom.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “I did not provide him with a copy. No ... I believe I showed him a copy, ... I think he may have said, 'I don't need to see it.'”
 Monica Lewinsky - “He didn't discuss the content of my affidavit with me at all, ever.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “Well, it was actually - I brought the idea of doing a documentary to HBO back in 2000, when there were some press reports sort of were bandied about that there were going to TV movies based on some of the books that were out.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “Well, for me, really, I think it was I wanted to try and clear up some of the misperceptions that were out there and fill in some of the historical gaps.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “This was a mutual relationship, mutual on all levels, right from the way it started and all the way through. I don't accept that he had to completely desecrate my character.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “So it was sort of an odd time because I had been hired, but my paperwork hadn't gone through. So I worked as an intern during the government shutdown, as an intern, but I already had a job.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “So I think it's - what was important to me is that I found that I can't change the fact that people already have made an opinion about me. But I don't think that should stop me from trying to correct some of the misperceptions that are out there.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “It was that chemistry. And was the fact that he was president part of that chemistry I don't know. Maybe. Probably. But it was - I was there because there was chemistry. I wasn't there because, oh, this is the president.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “It was a mutual relationship.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “I've been told by the prosecutors and by my own attorneys I should go to law school. I guess I have a knack for it.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “I'm still designing, and I'm loving it.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “I'm an incredibly lucky girl. For someone who has made some very foolish mistakes and had some tough lessons to learn very quickly, I am still incredibly lucky.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “I was worried about my mom more than I was worried about the president. And then I was worried about the president, and then I was worried about myself.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “I was enamored with him. And I was excited. And I was enjoying it.”
 Monica Lewinsky - “I mean, there was a portion, of course, that I think, when I look back now, that there was a portion of what attracted me must have been the awe of him being a powerful man in this environment, not to take away from who he is as a real person.”

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