My Favorite Quotes
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 Josh Lewsey - “When you lose to someone you know so well it is like losing to your brother in the back garden . . . there are bragging rights at stake.”
 Josh Lewsey - “In both games we gifted them soft scores in the first 20 minutes. You can't afford to do that against quality teams because you always have to play catch-up.”
 Josh Lewsey - “I feel like it is our time again.”
 Josh Lewsey - “The time for reminiscing is after rugby. Then you can sit down and get fat.”
 Josh Lewsey - “One of the Irish players scooped it back after the whistle and to our surprise the referee then gave a turnover.”
 Josh Lewsey - “The biggest disappointment of last year was to get knocked out in the group stages,”
 Josh Lewsey - “When you beat your main rival you feel a couple of inches taller, especially when you meet up in the England camp. You feel as if you can go in there with your head held high. The rivalry is very much alive.”
 Josh Lewsey - “New Zealand are the best team in the world - the execution and accuracy of their skills were a lesson in modern rugby.”