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 Judi Hensley - “The day and the program pay respects to our past, but it will primarily be focused on the future.”
 Ned Riley - “But after all the corporate governance issues, there's a tendency now of erring on the side of ultra-conservatism in terms of what companies say about future quarters and that's going to continue.”
 Ned Riley - “I believe the group is going to be able to grow at least 8 to 10 percent in the future and I think the SP earnings are going to slow down to maybe 7 or 8 percent, ... So this group could have actually a premium growth rate and yet a discount to the market that's, at least, 50 percent, if not lower.”
 Ned Riley - “The rally in the first two weeks of January was based on expectations that we would have a decent reporting period. Largely, that's been true, with many earnings reports meeting or topping estimates. But unfortunately, the commentary about the future has been a huge downer. That's one of the things holding investors back now.”
 Mike Bailey - “With just 140 to his name, Bailey is nervous about his future. ''They say it could be February or March before we get back. I'll try to get a job and survive it's all I can do.”
 Bill Bradley - “You can talk about the past, but I want to talk about the future,”
 Tom Bailey - “These amounts truly represent investments we made during the fourth quarter that we strongly believe provide the potential to provide future value to our shareholders.”
 Tom Bradley - “I think everybody believed in what we were doing and where we were headed, ... We still felt we had a pretty good future at Penn State. It's a very hard place to leave.”
 Terry Westley - “Hopefully we can arrange another game in the near future to take a look at him because he has been highly recommended to us.”
 Jerry Bailey - “I took a hold of him to see how much he would turn offthinking of the future mile-and-a-halfand he turned off fine,”
 Ben Kingsley - “I may return to the stage, but not in the foreseeable future.”
 Ashley Kelley - “We were not able to find a sponsor this year. But we do hope to have a team again in the future when we have greater student interest and a sponsor to assist them.”
 Stephen Stanley - “We expect productivity growth to moderate, and compensation gains and unit labor costs to pick up. Just another piece of the puzzle that points toward more Fed tightening than the market currently expects.”
 Steve Stanley - “The bottom line is that, with employment and income gains picking up, it will take mortgage rates a lot higher than 6.24 percent to choke off housing demand. We will probably get to a level of rates that bites eventually, but certainly not in the next few months.”
 Bill Fearnley - “You're seeing a land grab attempt. As everybody rushes in, there will be incremental revenue gains but it remains to be seen what the gross profits will be.”
 John O'Malley - “The last three games we've hit the ball rather hard. I hope it continues.”
 Nick Whaley - “You hate to see the seniors have to have that type of day in their last games at home. As a team, we need to just keep getting better.”
 Chris Stanley - “That was a huge game for us. We needed a win after the last two games here. We wanted to prove ourselves as a team that's going to be dominant at home, and we showed tonight we're a very, very dominant team at home.”
 Alan Curbishley - “He is a local ref and perhaps it is something we have to look at. He is not far from us and perhaps when they come into games refereeing their local teams, it is a bit difficult for them.”
 Pat Riley - “It's a good bounce-back game. We needed to get out of our system what happened the last couple of games.”
 Alyn McCauley - “I don't know why that is. We focus on that and in the last little while we've had three days between games. We just haven't come out the way we'd like to.”
 Calvin Baisley - “Honestly, we don't even think about it. We're just trying to win games. Obviously him hitting is a big part of us winning.”
 Ryan Bayley - “I'm feeling good. Two gold medals at the Commonwealth Games -- you've got to be pretty happy with that.”
 Hosea Berkley - “Coach (Paul) Hatcher said the streak had to end sometime. I just wish it wasn't tonight. But everything happens for a reason, just like we won 85 games in a row for a reason.”
 Cuttino Mobley - “We've got veterans who know how to get out of those situations. Sometimes when you're on a losing streak, you start feeling sorry for yourself. But, hey, life goes on and games go on, and there're going to keep playing them while you're sulking. So you've got to let it go and win the next one.”

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