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 Jim Leyland - “We didn't stop the bleeding. You give them the credit. They hit some good pitches and we made some bad pitches.”
 Jim Leyland - “Shelton will hit sixth, period. End of the conversation, for now.”
 Jim Leyland - “He needs to get a better breaking ball, and he needs to get control of his fastball. If he does that, he'll be a big league pitcher for a long time.”
 Jim Leyland - “To contend for the division, we're going to have to do three things in my opinion. That's pitch better, catch it, and have tougher at-bats when the game is on the line.”
 Jim Leyland - “To contend for the division, we're going to have to do three things. We're going to have to pitch, we're going to have to catch it, and we're going to have to have tough at-bats when the game's on the line. But I think a lot of other managers can say the same thing.”
 Jim Leyland - “We can't be resting three or four guys the day game after a night game on a consistent basis. That's just not going to work. You don't want to do have to do wholesale changes. Eleven games into the season, and I'm worried about resting guys.”
 Jim Leyland - “There's some competition going on. That's good.”
 Jim Leyland - “I'm just looking at a player as a player for no specific reason right now. They all got something going for them. There's nothing wrong with, maybe, some competition that, maybe, they didn't expect. There's certainly nothing wrong with that.”
 Jim Leyland - “I think if you've got any common sense at all, you watched the way he worked in Spring Training and the way he got off the mound to field balls. If I were them, I'd watch. Kenny shouldn't have to go around and talk to them about it. All they should have to do is observe.”
 Jim Leyland - “He's really a good guy. He's an intense guy and so am I. We have a lot in common, I think. I'm pulling for him.”
 Jim Leyland - “He was in command. He was in control. That's one of those games where you hope you put some runs on the board early. That probably would've been a win for him, obviously. But if you take that stuff out there every fifth day for a few years, that's pretty impressive stuff.”
 Jim Leyland - “Jeremy wasn't real sharp. His rhythm wasn't real good. He was kind of out of sync, overthrowing some. He didn't really have command of the strike zone.”
 Jim Leyland - “I thought he had a good slider. He had pretty good command all night.”
 Jim Leyland - “The guys that can are still going to hit with power. What I think Slaught brings to the party is we're going to try to create the total hitter. That's one thing I think our club definitely needs.”
 Jim Leyland - “It's a Catch-22 situation. With a club like ours trying to reestablish that we can win and compete, we have to win every game we have a shot to win. But I'm not going to do that at the expense of hurting our pitchers.”
 Jim Leyland - “You get in a catch-22. A club like ours that needs to get re-established -- we have to win every one we have a shot to win. But I'm not going to do that at the expense of hurting our pitchers, because in the long run it will blow up in our face.”
 Jim Leyland - “I wanna see a fight once in a while, I want to see someone throwing a stool. I've never been around a nicer bunch of guys. But everybody's got a little (jerk) in them. This club isn't showing me any of that.”
 Jim Leyland - “It's the same old song and dance. I'll be honest, I really wanted him on the club. But I can't let my personal feelings get involved in it. At this time, he wasn't one of the 12 best. These (batters) will hit a bullet unless it's doing something.”
 Jim Leyland - “I'm very concerned right now about getting this club 100-per cent healthy and ready to go. That's why I'm not in a very good mood today.”
 Jim Leyland - “He's a very smart hitter and he doesn't try to do too much. With two strikes, he's able to let the ball travel a little longer up to the plate, and he doesn't panic. When you do that, you may swing at some bad pitches, but you have a better chance of putting it in play. That's what our whole club needs to do better. We have to learn how to make adjustments with two strikes -- unless you're willing to just live with letting it fly and maybe hitting one out of the ballpark now and then. But in the long run, that won't get it done. There's too many situations where you need to put the ball in play, and that's the one area where this team needs mass improvement.”
 Jim Leyland - “That's a real good club, but we're a good club, too. I certainly don't think we embarrassed ourselves. We played them pretty much tooth and nail. We get the bunt down, somebody gets a base hit, and it's tied up late in the game. Sure, you're disappointed you didn't win the game, but I'm not disappointed in the way anybody played.”
 Jim Leyland - “There are a lot of things we're trying to establish. The biggest hill to climb is the confidence factor.”
 Jim Leyland - “I think this weekend. Maybe by Seattle. We've got some big hurdles to climb with him yet. We'll see how he feels tomorrow.”
 Jim Leyland - “I don't (put) much stock in it. I put stock in the fact that these games give us confidence and help us feel better about ourselves. We still have a long hill to climb.”
 Jim Leyland - “I don't care about personal success. It's all about winning. When you have a chance to take three of four from the Indians, you've got to do it.”

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