My Favorite Quotes
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 Pete Liakakis - “I think it was excellent this meeting. Poverty reduction is vital and with the poverty initiative that we will take part in, it affects 22 percent of people in the county. That's 30,000 people.”
 Pete Liakakis - “This is a hard decision, because we have to look at services we require for citizens, like police. We have to protect the public, look at the overall budget and demand for service.”
 Pete Liakakis - “It shows everyone is working as a team and the safety of our citizens is the most important thing. The protection of life and property is the number one priority of any governmental entity and from this, working together, we're going to see better results and help reduce this situation in the crime area dramatically in the not too distant future.”
 Pete Liakakis - “We've got to put more emphasis on putting resources towards social problems that lead to a lot of the crime. When you have 40 percent of high school dropouts committing crimes, that can lead to a life of crime.”
 Pete Liakakis - “This has nothing to do with what party you belong to, this is a responsibility for us to be fiscally responsible and help the citizens of our community.”
 Pete Liakakis - “We've got a good group that's on board now and you can see the participation in their classes, their enthusiasm. They're inspired. They want to be helping the public.”