My Favorite Quotes
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 Hui Liangyu - “We must see clearly the severe situation during Spring Festival and always put people's health and safety first.”
 Hui Liangyu - “We must be clear-headed about this, conduct scientific assessment and make ample preparations for it. We should by no means slacken our vigilance,”
 Hui Liangyu - “The team vigorously participated in international rescue tasks and gave quick response and made remarkable achievements in the rescue work, fully illustrating China's important role in international humanitarian affairs and further demonstrated that China is a responsible country in the international society.”
 Hui Liangyu - “The Party and the government are affectionate to the people though typhoon and other calamities are merciless, ... We hope you will resume your work and rebuild your homes in a high morale as soon as possible.”
 Hui Liangyu - “We should concretely enhance our sense of urgency and responsibility in the prevention and control of the highly pathogenic bird flu,”
 Hui Liangyu - “China is prone to bird flu outbreaks in autumn and winter. The situation is very grave,”