My Favorite Quotes
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 Bob Lichtenfels - “Today, the way the kids are, a lot of them don't want to participate in them later in the spring because they have a plethora of offers. You have to pick the lesser of the evils.”
 Bob Lichtenfels - “We try to pick it strategically. There's only so many Saturdays during the evaluation period that the coaches can come. It gives enough time to get away from the other (combines). When they're in Pennsylvania, we'll be out West or down South. It doesn't make sense for everyone to compete for the same kids.”
 Bob Lichtenfels - “When you recruit high-profile kids, they usually don't make their decision until toward the end. Four losing seasons out of five might have caused (the Penn State coaches) to rethink their strategy slightly. That may have worked a couple times but overall, it wasn't the best strategy.”