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 Alice Lichtenstein - “That is serious calories. We can only hope that the consumer is smart enough to realize that you can't just add something on top of what you are normally eating, even if it is good for you, because you are going to gain weight.”
 Roy Lichtenstein - “I don't think of form as a kind of architecture. The architecture is the result of the forming. It is the kinesthetic and visual sense of position and wholeness that puts the thing into the realm of art.”
 Roy Lichtenstein - “Pop Art looks out into the world. It doesn't look like a painting of something, it looks like the thing itself.”
 Roy Lichtenstein - “Personally, I feel that in my own work I wanted to look programmed or impersonal but I don't really believe I am being impersonal when I do it. And I don't think you could do this.”
 Roy Lichtenstein - “In America the biggest is the best.”
 Roy Lichtenstein - “I'm not really sure what social message my art carries, if any. And I don't really want it to carry one. I'm not interested in the subject matter to try to teach society anything, or to try to better our world in any way.”
 Roy Lichtenstein - “I'm interested in what would normally be considered the worst aspects of commercial art. I think it's the tension between what seems to be so rigid and cliched and the fact that art really can't be this way.”
 Roy Lichtenstein - “I think that most people think painters are kind of ridiculous, you know”
 Roy Lichtenstein - “I don't think that I'm over his influence but they probably don't look like Picassos Picasso himself would probably have thrown up looking at my pictures.”
 Roy Lichtenstein - “But when I worked on a painting I would do it from a drawing but I would put certain things I was fairly sure I wanted in the painting, and then collage on the painting with printed dots or painted paper or something before I really committed it.”
 Roy Lichtenstein - “Art doesn't transform. It just plain forms.”
 Roy Lichtenstein - “Picasso's always been such a huge influence that I thought when I started the cartoon paintings that I was getting away from Picasso, and even my cartoons of Picasso were done almost to rid myself of his influence.”
 Roy Lichtenstein - “I suppose I would still prefer to sit under a tree with a picnic basket rather than under a gas pump, but signs and comic strips are interesting as subject matter.”
 Alice Lichtenstein - “It sounded great People could eat all the forbidden foods and lose weight,”
 Roy Lichtenstein - “Yeah, you know, you like it to come on like gangbusters, but you get into passages that are very interesting and subtle, and sometimes your original intent changes quite a bit.”
 Roy Lichtenstein - “Yes, you know sometimes, we started out thinking out how strange our painting was next to normal painting, which was anything expressionist. You forget that this has been thirty five years now and people don't look at it as if it were some kind of oddity.”
 Allen Lichtenstein - “This is a substantial amount of money. This is not some symbolic type of gesture, this is the procedure to be followed.”
 Allen Lichtenstein - “I look at it as part of the same kind of mind-set that looks at the tourist industry as paramount, and therefore anything that might offend tourists, the powers that be don't want. So they pass these things sometimes forgetting the fact we're not in a private Disneyland here.”
 Alice Lichtenstein - “People need to make fundamental changes - they don't have to be drastic.”
 Alice Lichtenstein - “What's really important is that we carefully look at what our lifestyle patterns are, our eating patterns are, make small changes and make sure those changes that we make can be maintained on a daily basis.”
 Warren Lichtenstein - “You have flatly refused to listen to any of the proposals that we have made. In light of this, we have determined to make a proposal to acquire KTG.”
 Warren Lichtenstein - “You have flatly refused to listen to any of the proposals that we have made.”
 Allen Lichtenstein - “It's not the job of police to play formal or informal censor.”
 Roy Lichtenstein - “There is a relationship between cartooning and people like Mir and Picasso which may not be understood by the cartoonist, but it definitely is related even in the early Disney.”
 Alice Lichtenstein - “Data in the general population suggests that people who eat two or more servings of fish a week have a lower incidence of heart disease.”

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