My Favorite Quotes
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 Jack Liebau - “It was a turf track that we inherited and it just didn't work. We didn't know it didn't work until shortly after we acquired Hollywood Park.”
 Jack Liebau - “We survived. For whatever it's worth, I'm glad it's over.”
 Jack Liebau - “The new meet gave us an opportunity to place the El Camino Real Derby in the same place on the calendar where it historically proved to be successful.”
 Jack Liebau - “I have always been of the opinion that sooner or later the property will have higher and better use and Bay Meadows will go away. That's always been my frame of mind. I've always thought it was inevitable and luckily it's taken much longer than anticipated.”
 Jack Liebau - “With the last few years of consecutive declines in attendance, the trends for live concerts overall aren't particularly encouraging.”
 Jack Liebau - “This thing about races getting fixed I just don't buy into it. The business being what it is today ... nobody is trying to do anything but win races.”