My Favorite Quotes
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 Kathy Liebert - “It costs me 200 more, and there's already 600 in the pot, and I have two loose-aggressive players in the pot with Q-8 of diamonds, which is the kind of hand that if you hit it, you hit it big or you can get away from it.”
 Kathy Liebert - “I decided he didn't have a set because he's playing stronger than a set. He's not trying to keep me in. So I decide my top two is the best hand.”
 Kathy Liebert - “Most of the chips went in when I had the best hand.”
 Kathy Liebert - “I check and he bets 3,000, which is a normal-size bet, about the size of the pot. He's telling me, 'I have a hand get out.' If the 8 hadn't hit, I'd have just folded. But I have top two pair and I'm thinking I have the best hand.”