My Favorite Quotes
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 Katharine Liell - “The carpet fibers are evidence Boney was in the house.”
 Katharine Liell - “I hope to God that this is the last time an innocent man stands before you.”
 Katharine Liell - “What can we say What can we do How many times can you stand in a courtroom beside an innocent man who has been convicted”
 Katharine Liell - “Boy, were you wrong about that, Sergeant Clemons.”
 Katherine Liell - “I think some people on that jury probably haven't slept real well and some may have that gut instinct that says, 'Oops.' Obviously they believe beyond a reasonable doubt, we accept that. But that doesn't mean that someone doesn't have residual doubt and residual doubt can have its voice in this phase of the proceedings.”
 Katharine Liell - “To hear Dave protest his innocence, and to see it fall on deaf ears, was very difficult after we've spent three or four years of our lives defending him.”
 Katharine Liell - “There is no evidence of a conspiracy ... the state failed because there is no conspiracy.”
 Katherine Liell - “The day was a normal day. So establishing that he had the normal business contacts, and that it appeared to be a routine business day, we think is important information for the jury to hear.”
 Katharine Liell - “The improper striking of women from the jury the improper exclusion of evidence of foot fetishes that proves Bone's motive improper exclusion of the clip of Bone's confession and the improper argument of their theory of motive.”