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 Claude Julien - “We're playing well and we're finding ways to win tight games,”
 Claude Julien - “He has to play well and give us the impression that he can do the job for us all year,”
 Claude Julien - “If you want to score goals in this league, you have to be willing to pay the price,”
 Claude Julien - “He's day-to-day. We hope he'll be ready for our next game on Tuesday (against Phoenix).”
 Claude Julien - “It didn't hurt having Theodore back. He proved why he's a top goaltender.”
 Claude Julien - “What we like about Radek is that he can be a solid No. 3 centre for us and if we run into injury problems, then he is the kind of guy who can move up to the No. 1 or No. 2 position with no problem,”
 Claude Julien - “You can't judge a goaltender by one bad goal,”
 Claude Julien - “You can't judge a goaltender by one bad goal.”
 Claude Julien - “I think when you consider the position that we were in with our roster and all the situations that have happened in the past couple of days, I thought we played a pretty tight game.”
 Dustin Byfuglien - “I never thought I'd score in my first game.”
 Claude Julien - “It's definitely exciting any time you get a chance to get back behind a bench. I couldn't ask for more.”
 Richard Gallien - “Our conference is very tough. Any time you go on the road, it's difficult. I have a lot of respect for the teams (we played), but we came up with some really good wins.”
 Claude Julien - “He's so respected by his teammates for what he does. He picks up our bench every time he blocks a shot or makes a big hit.”
 Claude Julien - “The rules change, a lot changes in hockey. I think we need to show respect to the players who wore those numbers. If that means guys today have bigger numbers, so be it.”
 Kathy Lien - “Trade data is a little better ... but I think the dollar rally should be limited as the prospects for the trade deficit still aren't very good.”
 Kathy Lien - “The focus will be back on trade.”
 Claude Julien - “It was battle-tested victory for us in many ways.”
 Claude Julien - “They are a hard team to contain. But we got some timely goals and terrific goaltending. It was battle-tested victory for us in many ways.”
 Claude Julien - “We thought we'd have to be patient with him, but we didn't have to wait long. He's played very well.”
 Kathy Lien - “Despite the weak GDP report, fed funds expectations for a March rate hike actually ticked higher to about 76 percent because of the rise in the core PCE price index.”
 Claude Julien - “That goal really seemed to knock the wind out of us and you saw that in the third period. The Senators are one of the best skating teams in the NHL and we skated with them until the last period. We came out flat and they just took over from that point on. For a team that also played last night, they still had their legs tonight. Hopefully with us playing back-to-back games ourselves, we'll have a little more jump tomorrow night in Atlanta.”
 Jarrett Lilien - “When we look back three years ago, we'd talk about how there was a need for consolidation. It's mind boggling that there hasn't been any consolidation... We've been talking to a lot of people for the past three years, but the tone has changed.”
 Claude Julien - “We're fortunate to have players who can play a variety of roles. With the new rules and all the penalties, we have to be in a position where we can get as many people involved so that our top players aren't on the ice all the time.”
 Claude Julien - “There was no problem with the weather. We enjoyed the whole atmosphere, and the whole experience was great. I'm sure people who watched it on television were amazed by what they saw.”
 Kathy Lien - “Overall, the headline figures are solid. January inventory figures are still on the path for solid growth in the first quarter.”

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