My Favorite Quotes
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 Bruce Lietzke - “For me there is enough stress in four rounds of a golf tournament that on Tuesday, you don't want any stress at all.”
 Bruce Lietzke - “We learned to appreciate the character of that golf course and the great history it had had. It was always the highlight of the summer. If you could have a major championship as a kid, that was our major championship.”
 Bruce Lietzke - “This is the first good round since I've been playing here. I've walked away from this tournament year after year disappointed.”
 Bruce Lietzke - “He pulled that head cover off, and there was a nasty old fungus. This is a wood driver ... and I was convinced that it had oozed into that driver.”
 Bruce Lietzke - “I couldn't put it within 8 feet if I hit that shot 50 times. It was definitely an easy putt.”
 Bruce Lietzke - “(My) putting was just fantastic today.”
 Bruce Lietzke - “This was a really neat round. I made great, really great putts out there. Did not drive the ball very good. Irons were good and putting is just fantastic today, other than that short putt I missed on 15.”
 Bruce Lietzke - “I hit it a little closer today,”
 Bruce Lietzke - “I don't feel totally comfortable with my driver and this is a tight driving golf course, so I had to hit three-wood quite a few times today. But my irons feel really good right now.”
 Bruce Lietzke - “This has always been a course I thought I should play well on every time I have played here and I have nothing, nothing but mediocre and bad scores to get me through this week. And now I've got one real good round that is going to give me some momentum at least starting into tomorrow.”
 Bruce Lietzke - “What we have is different passions. I happen to be one of his biggest fans. His passion is golf. My passions are my kids first, my cars and my wife and immediate family. He loves golf. I love tournament golf, and that's as far as my passion with golf goes.”
 Bruce Lietzke - “He didn't have any crazy shots. There were no chip-ins. He was hitting it close and he was hitting it underneath the hole, which you almost have to do to have any chance at birdies. It was really just a great, solid ball-hitting round.”