My Favorite Quotes
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 Donald Light - “Both companies are dedicated to advancing to a broader array of investment products. This merger will give them bulk and more marketing channels.”
 Doug Light - “It was a good character test for us. We showed that we can do it.”
 Paul Light - “These folks are really good at using the instruments of government to promote the President's political agenda. And I think that takes you well into the gray zone where few Presidents have dared to go in the past. It's the coordination and centralization that's important here.”
 Donald Light - “They have had more success than other foreign insurers, because of their history. To win in that market depends on being able to win the regulator game. A high-level government official is going to help.”
 Paul Light - “The scandal isn't greed in the nonprofit sector. The scandal is under-investment in our own organizations. We're not ready to respond to the uncertainties out there.”
 Andrew Light - “The results are history and they have a great franchise at Vienna. Whichever partner they go with is going to get a lot in return.”
 Paul Light - “Habitat (for Humanity) will build you a house, and it will build 500 other houses. It won't build 10,000 houses.”
 Donald Light - “Insurance companies need to take a close look at CAT modeling and geographic exposure. Although insurance companies have come a long way since 9-11, they still need to visit and revisit once again how they are using CAT modeling.”
 Diana Light - “I was influenced, or inspired by, my kindergarten teacher. I wanted to be just like her.”
 Matt Light - “PPM remains a dynamic and volatile market, with new vendors taking innovative approaches to PPM and multiple recent acquisitions.”
 Alan Light - “I think when it comes down to actually, who's actually going to win on Wednesday, I think Alicia Keys will win probably three or four awards or so.”
 Alan Light - “You don't need a major label and they sure don't need you,”
 Andrew Light - “It's the right move,”
 Andrew Light - “Now that the CPI data came in better than expected, the shares are bouncing off their session lows.”
 Diana Light - “It's been a hard year already. There's been a ton of stuff that's surprised me.”
 Paul Light - “The way to reassure your own supporters is to talk constantly about results toward your mission.”
 Paul Light - “They've already surpassed their available resources. That's a warning sign that 2 billion figure is going to be hard to reach, ... It is not like Sept. 11, in the sense that there's this great reservoir of continued support.”
 Paul Light - “They've been getting slower and slower, and the vacancy rates have been climbing.”
 Doug Light - “That's what we've been working on. I was so proud of how we were patient.”
 Doug Light - “It's like there's two of her out there. She's everywhere you don't want her to be. You have to be alert.”
 Doug Light - “Our kids did everything we asked of them, but we couldn't get that ball to go in the basket.”
 Doug Light - “The kids are starting to accept their roles and we're playing as a team. Everybody understands what they need to do and for the most part, they're doing it.”
 Doug Light - “Right off the bat, they jumped on us really quick and hit some perimeter shots. Barrett got open, and we're aware of how well she shoots. A kid like that gets lost sometimes and causes problems, and that opens it up for everything else.”
 Payton Light - “It made me really tired. I didn't want to get caught like I did last year against Mill Creek.”
 Luise Light - “The simple message is best. Eat fresh to the extent that you can, and use convenience and boxed foods occasionally.”

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