My Favorite Quotes
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 Dave Carlile - “We've still got four guys in the semifinals. Our goals were to hit 50 points on Day One and get four guys to the semis. We almost made the points, but we got our four in.”
 Dave Carlile - “He's got just great technique, and he stays in great position. He's got a heart about the size of Texas. He's the nicest kid you'll ever be around, except when he's wrestling.”
 Lord Carlile - “Occasionally one feels that an individual politician is trying to browbeat the judiciary, and that is wholly inappropriate,”
 Lord Carlile - “ID cards could be of some value in the fight against terrorism but they are probably of quite limited value.”
 Lord Carlile - “I have been told that there were people who ought to have been prosecuted and about whom it was thought they could be prosecuted if they had had enough time to gather evidence while they were in custody. I was provided with a considerable amount of material and I was satisfied that was the case.”
 Craig Lile - “The front nine -- we never really got it going today. I hit a really bad opening tee shot and couldn't get it going after that.”
 Dave Carlile - “We're having a good tournament. Our goal was to score 50 points Friday and break 100 points today.”
 Lord Carlile - “I don't think there's a lawyer alive and working who's ever appeared in any part of a treason case and I think we should tread in that historic territory very carefully,”
 Dave Carlile - “That's Trevor 'The Waterfall' Hall. He's the full package. He's the full meal deal. ... It may look like he's in trouble, but he's actually in controlled position.”
 Craig Lile - “You can't play with Paul and not have fun. Wine or lose, it will be fun either way.”
 Dave Carlile - “Those guys are religious followers. That's a great place to go to improve your skills and get some great motivation.”
 Dave Carlile - “This will make us hungry.”
 Lord Carlile - “I don't myself think that increasing it to 28 days is going to make a very significant amount of difference.”
 Lord Carlile - “On the evidence I have seen and heard, I believe that the security situation in Northern Ireland and the continuing danger of intimidation of those called for jury service, justifies the continued scheduling of offences.”
 Lord Carlile - “Given that there is the control order system in existence, it would be preferable for that system to be used against the persons concerned until suitable memoranda have been achieved.”
 Lord Carlile - “I think a much tighter system of control is required, though I do think that fairly lengthy detention is justified in a very small number of cases by evidence.”
 Dave Carlile - “We're trying to wrestle the toughest competition we can find.”
 Dave Carlile - “We've been going there for 13 years, and this was probably the toughest competition that we've seen down there.”