My Favorite Quotes
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 Bob Lilley - “We had streaks last year where we were good at putting the goals in and streaks where we dried up.”
 Peter Lilley - “Physical money possesses greater risk than electronic money or even gold.”
 James Lilley - “We are driven by images, ... and the Tiananmen images are the most powerful images we've had for years.”
 Bob Lilley - “I think we've made a number of good signings and we've blended them with a very strong core group from last year.”
 James Lilley - “The Chinese are going to want to stretch it out, and we're going to want to accelerate it. In 2006, China is the big enchilada and this is the most important bilateral relationship in the world.”
 James Lilley - “Most members of the WTO are too persuaded by China. Taiwan will not be able to enter until China is well set in.”
 James Lilley - “Lee Teng-hui is a remarkable man. And as a talented politician he moved the island forward by increasing democracy, and mostly he opened up trade routes with China.”
 James Lilley - “It's not wise to hold a gun against their head and ask them to talk, ... after Taiwan and China both enter the WTO, they will be able to resume a healthy dialogue on trade.”
 Bob Lilley - “David is capable of playing a number of positions in the midfield and has good attacking qualities. He possesses solid pace, strength and creativity.”
 James Lilley - “If we start talking about human rights, espionage, illegal campaign funding, technology transfer, they'll say, What about Kosovo'”
 Peter Lilley - “If this is anything to do with the robbery, it's absolute stupidity beyond belief. That's the one thing you don't do.”
 James Lilley - “We're going to pull the five powers -- Russia, South Korea, Japan, China, the U.S. -- together, not to corner the North Koreans, but to begin to present them with pretty strong options and requiring them to make a move.”
 Peter Lilley - “Can you just go and blow 50 million pounds The answer is no.”