My Favorite Quotes
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 Benjamin Limo - “The course was too muddy. But I am fine with the result and I hope to win medals in Melbourne and Fukuoka.”
 Benjamin Limo - “We just wanted to win a medal for Kenya, and hopefully a gold one. The plans went very well, although I did not expect to win today. All I need now is to win a medal also in the Olympics.”
 Benjamin Limo - “I have had enough of cross country and I now want to concentrate on track.”
 Benjamin Limo - “I am happy to represent my country in the Commonwealth Games because as well as helping me build speed for the cross country, I want to go a step further and win the title.”
 Benjamin Limo - “I'm very proud of this gold medal. My son was born on Monday, and it is obvious that I will name him 'Helsinki.”
 Benjamin Limo - “This makes me very proud for my country but more than that I am myself proud. In Kenya my first son was born on Monday and it is obvious I will name him Helsinki.”