My Favorite Quotes
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 Damon Lindelof - “Basically, we had a two-hour meeting where we both came to the same exact solution to how to do the show, which was it had to have a lot of characters, the characters had to be really mysterious and the island itself had to be even more mysterious than they were.”
 Damon Lindelof - “What's in the hatch is so intensecoolcomplicated that it actually takes three full episodes to fully understand it. Fortunately, these are the first three episodes of the show, so the wait is over”
 Damon Lindelof - “We're lobbying ABC for when the show is on, it's on, and when it's off, it's off. So, we want to air it in three acts next year. You know, blocks of seven, seven and eight. But in order to do that, we have to roll the show out in October instead of September, and hopefully that will work out.”
 Damon Lindelof - “I always get frustrated with movies and television shows that cheat. For example, if our season premiere started with those guys washing up on the beach I would be like, wait a minute. Those guys were about 10 miles offshore. How did they get to the beach I don't want to cheat.”
 Damon Lindelof - “You will see everything that's in there. What is in there will change everything about how they live on the island. We're erring on the side of giving away too much as opposed to being too vague.”
 Damon Lindelof - “If the cast were to leave the stage, maybe we'd be able to work something out. We have a strict don't-talk-to-the-cast policy.”
 Damon Lindelof - “Whenever we do a story or we show the monster or we find the hatch, that all has to be consistent with what we know the ending to be. We have a goal that we are working towards.”
 Damon Lindelof - “The audience has waited long enough.”
 Damon Lindelof - “This show is an exercise in faith. Most of all, I'd like to thank you (the audience) for having faith in us, for inviting us into your homes, watching the show, supporting the show, believing in the show.”
 Damon Lindelof - “There can be things that are happening that are quote, phenomenal, but there's always a scientific answer to it.”
 Damon Lindelof - “That depends on whether or not he likes you. He is inclined to nickname you based on the way that you look. He is sort of the ugly part of us that says the things we may be thinking but are afraid to say. The only endearing name he has for anyone is Kate.”
 Damon Lindelof - “In television, if I write that Matthew Fox flies up around the island so he can see how big it is, we have to actually shoot that. In a comic book, you write it, somebody draws it and there it is. No budget, no actors. That frees you up to really do some outside-the-box storytelling.”
 Damon Lindelof - “His house has become a mecca for all the other actors. He opens the door for everyone to come over on Sundays.”