My Favorite Quotes
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 Aaron Lindemann - “It was like I closed a chapter in my life and I am now able to move on. By completing that, I've just proven that if I set my mind to it, I can do it.”
 Becky Lindemann - “It's gonna bring a lot more crime. People are gonna follow you home.”
 Aaron Lindemann - “Before I left, I thought we were only doing good for them. But when I got there, I realized if some force came in to our country and took over, even though they were doing it to help us out, I wouldn't be too happy either.”
 Becky Lindemann - “They lose their homes. They lose their business. They lose their families, their marriages.”
 Aaron Lindemann - “The army has taken a serious paradigm shift. It is now training soldiers to be flexible and adaptive.”
 Aaron Lindemann - “Without the Civil Air Patrol, I would have gone into the Army not knowing as much as I did. I was ahead of everyone else. It also helped form me as a leader.”