My Favorite Quotes
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 Gary Lindgren - “I think our guys feel good about going to Division II. They know they can compete.”
 Gary Lindgren - “We were really trying to create more opportunities with our one front line, but Bob Kaplan just kept them in the game because he is just a really special hockey player.”
 Gary Lindgren - “Sean is such a hard nosed hockey player and his style really makes him a throwback because of what he can do on the ice. I love Sean, he has been a great player for this program.”
 Gary Lindgren - “That second goal was big for them because I thought we were outplaying them but they kill off the penalty and then come down and score and it took a lot out of us.”
 Gary Lindgren - “I thought it was a well-played game by both teams. We got off to a sluggish start but our kids hung in there and were able to come back but it wasn't quite enough. Their goalie played great but we hurt ourselves especially on the power play where we struggled.”
 Lars Lindgren - “Some of the guys are stronger than the others and for some of the guys, it's the first time they've played this type of hockey. Most of them have never played outside of Europe, so it's a good experience for them, plus they're learning how to play on the smaller rink.”
 Gary Lindgren - “Donovan made big stops for us all as he always does and there were times during flurries that he really stood on his head to makes all the saves.”
 Lars Lindgren - “They're quite talented guys and with the physical hockey it's a really good education for these guys to come over here and play. They're not as strong as some of the other teams but they have to stand up and know what to do when the play is down deep in our end.”
 Lars Lindgren - “Coaching's a lot easier on the body. I'm still involved in hockey and I really enjoy being here and coaching the guys.”
 Gary Lindgren - “His attitude has been terrific. (Glynn, an assistant captain, and Nanavati) have handled it perfectly. They both played last year and pretty much split their duties. Their attitudes have been terrific. They understand that. Without that positive attitude, I dont think we are going to have the same success.”