My Favorite Quotes
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 Suzanne Lindley - “You can't get much of the encouragement from the doctors because they are a lot of the times looking at stage 4 as a terminal one, not as a chronic one.”
 Suzanne Lindley - “There still are patients who wind up strapped. Sometimes they don't get treatment.”
 Suzanne Lindley - “I look atthe triumphs my family has celebrated over these past years and marvel atthat fact that many of the highest points have been in the simplest of momentsand would have held less meaning if the days had not been touched by cancer.”
 Jonathan Lindley - “The timing was linked more to the trouble the U.S. administration is having with the domestic impact of high oil prices and the situation in Iraq rather than a deterioration of ties between Washington and the Arab World.”
 Jonathan Lindley - “Acceptance of the charter won't open any magic doors, but it would demonstrate that the government won't be moved by violence. If it fails, it will be a setback.”
 D. V. Lindley - “I believe that almost all important, useful ideas are simple. Peter Whittle has recently put it nicely in an autobiographical essay. 'If a piece of work is heavy and complicated then it is wrong.' ... Some writers feel that to express their ideas in simple terms is degrading. Some use complexity to disguise the paucity of their material. In fact, simplicity is a virtue and when, as here, it is both original and useful, it can represent a real advance in knowledge.”