My Favorite Quotes
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 Mark Lindo - “I don't think we played to our strengths. We just didn't get Greg and Mike enough inside touches. I thought they were smaller and not as physical as us, and we did not take advantage of that.”
 Mark Lindo - “You're not gonna run away from anybody. I thought it was a great game.”
 Carlos Galindo - “My people are suffering and their leaders continue to profit.”
 Jeannie Galindo - “Our top three players thrive on pressure. They believe they can do it, even if they're playing poorly. It's just a matter of will.”
 Carlos Galindo - “If your vote is your voice for change, then your letter is your pleading for reform. We must unite as one, on one day, in a manifestation of passive resistance. Mail a letter to your president February 12, 2009 and request a change in the immigration system as it stands today and reform of the current immigration laws.”
 Jeannie Galindo - “It's perfect preparation for next week to have a tough match on Friday. The whole match was about being observant and trying to start putting together a game plan.”
 Carlos Galindo - “Quoting is verbal plagiarism.”
 Mark Lindo - “I thought our kids came out with a lot of energy and purpose. We moved the ball and spread them out on defense, and we knew we could dominate (on the backboards).”
 Mark Lindo - “We didn't come here to end a streak or just to beat West Aurora. We came here to win a basketball game.”
 Carlos Galindo - “Stop the bleeding, stop the attack on the Immigrant community”