My Favorite Quotes
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 Eric Lindquist - “Having people you want to go out and play golf with is important in developing that competitive mindset, ... I've been playing with those guys my whole life and they've helped me get to where I am.”
 Eric Lindquist - “My mom and dad laugh at me when I go out and play in November and December, but it helps to know how to play in all kinds of conditions. You don't try anything fancy. You have to remember that everybody else is playing under the same conditions.”
 Eric Lindquist - “I've got a great bunch of teammates. We hang out together off the course all the time playing cards and watching movies. We really feed off each other and the positive vibes we get from one another. We're probably overall the best family of any team in the state.”
 Eric Lindquist - “She was banned from many libraries, ... in the back door.”
 Eric Lindquist - “Patients breathe. If you've got a lung tumor, the patient's going to move, so the tumor is going to move. You have to have an intelligent robot capable of moving along with the target. So this robotic system really expands radiosurgery for use throughout the body.”
 Eric Lindquist - “In basketball it usually comes down to one shot, and in golf it usually comes down to one putt, ... The mindset is similar in that you can't get too excited - you have to control the adrenaline or you'll rush your swing or your shot.”
 Eric Lindquist - “What you do in golf helps you in basketball and vice versa, ... It's a similar mindset, and fundamentals are really important in both.”