My Favorite Quotes
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 Scott Linebrink - “He threw only 10 pitches. If he had been out there laboring through a long inning, backing up the bases, you hate to think what would have happened.”
 Scott Linebrink - “It's going to take us a while to get in our groove, but we still have to figure out how to win with what we got. I think that will happen. I think this road trip is a good time to start that off.”
 Scott Linebrink - “I don't know where they are coming from with that. Paul taught me a lot in the short time he was here. He had experience and a presence. All of us were taken aback.”
 Scott Linebrink - “You guys saw him take Billy Wagner. I can't throw as hard as Billy. He's going to hit a fastball. You face him enough times, sooner or later he's going to get everybody.”
 Scott Linebrink - “You face him enough times, he's going to get everybody. He's one of the greatest hitters in the game. You always have a little more adrenaline when it's Bonds. He's so deadly. He's got such a quick bat. The only chance you've got is to pitch him away.”
 Scott Linebrink - “Pitching in games that are tight like this, it just seems to do wonders for you. It feels familiar, because that's what you did last year. Every time you go out there, it's a clutch situation. You just try to harness that adrenaline and put it toward getting people out.”
 Scott Linebrink - “Let's hope we don't go another 15 days again to give him the same opportunity.”
 Scott Linebrink - “He definitely had his moments of brilliance.”
 Scott Linebrink - “It's a funny game. You come back in a tight ball game, and you're facing the same guy that beat you two nights ago. You've got to have a short memory down there in the bullpen. There's no better way to forget about a bad game than to come back with a good one.”
 Scott Linebrink - “I don't think we need to start panicking this first week here. I think it's just a matter of, April is a tough month. You do what you can to win and right now we've got some guys who are a little tired from Spring Training still trying to get in shape.”
 Scott Linebrink - “We've got to remember that we've got nine innings to play, and anything can happen, especially late in the game. To get those three runs, we had new life in the seventh inning.”
 Scott Linebrink - “Trevor is the anchor of this (pitching) staff. It's good to have him back. I always thought over the winter --- I know there was a lot of back and forth ---- but deep down, I always felt he'd be back. He's been here such a long time, and he's such a mainstay for us. I'm glad that he's here.”
 Scott Linebrink - “He said it felt like he could take a deep breath and didn't have chest congestion.”
 Scott Linebrink - “That's probably the toughest job in baseball, to come off the bench like that and pinch-hit. He's a fastball hitter. He got it.”
 Scott Linebrink - “He's not going to let adversity slow him down. I see him pitching this year, definitely.”