My Favorite Quotes
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 Dave Liniger - “There are two fronts moving in that could kick up the winds. We're due to get more refined weather data that will go 36 hours out.”
 Dave Liniger - “We are anxious to get into the air. But we're scrambling a bit. We've had a bit of a weather problem.”
 Dave Liniger - “The people who get hurt in a falling market are the ones who need to sell as it's falling.”
 Dave Liniger - “We'll actually wear the suits on the way up. Well make sure we're stabilized and the temperature of the capsule is OK. Then we'll take them off and save them for an emergency -- some sort of pressure leak -- and then we'll be wearing them on the way down.”
 Dave Liniger - “It's a bit more dangerous. Low-level pilots have the ability to descend before they get into trouble. But we have a great deal of confidence in our crew and our craft.”