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 Andrew Klink - “We are going to win the rest of our games.”
 Terry Link - “We need to be assured by the federal government that we'll get this impact aid ... We need to have assurance that even with housing, impact aid continues.”
 Zach Link - “We went around house to house and asked the people if they liked the idea.”
 Matt Link - “They came in undefeated, we trailed 2-1 at the half and we had kids hurt and we still came back to win. The kids were very excited after this one.”
 John Link - “It seemed like a good idea to move into other ventures.”
 Zach Link - “We went to Ed Hightower to present our idea. He liked it.”
 Andrew Klink - “We were flat, I thought.”
 Jim Link - “There's no question there were more athletes on (Reynoldsburg's) team than ours. At the same time, I don't think their kids had any bigger hearts than ours. I'm extremely proud of every player that stepped on the floor.”
 Matt Link - “We're hoping to build on last year. Our goal is to get by the second round of the tournament and to be competitive with some of the big teams in the SCC and get into the SCC tournament. We want to capitalize on our experience. These guys all have a lot of time as varsity players last year. We are working on solidifying our defense. We're hoping we can get a couple of guys besides Matt to score some goals. If we do those things, we should be all right.”
 Gary Link - “Everything that I have done has only been in the best interests of the university.”
 Jim Link - “The fall caused a whip-lash injury and she was immobilized. It was very hard for her to walk, and when she did she was taking steps at six inches apart. The initial X-rays were not favorable. It had all of the characteristics of a fracture, but none were noted.”
 Cuban Link - “Brothers do not do that to their family members, and he knew that the only thing Pun left behind was his kids. Even if Joe didn't like his wife, he could help out the kids -- he could have definitely done that,”
 Tom Link - “We committed to two years, but it could be 10 years,”
 Christine Link - “Programs such as this almost always prove to be ineffective in gathering information on possible terrorists. Even though they are created with the best of intentions, they only serve to reinforce stereotypes and cause innocent people to be subjected to government scrutiny.”
 Tom Link - “Most people think we're crazy, ... But it's about learning different cultures and languages. Experiencing different food, meeting different people. These were hard decisions, to sell our stuff, to just leave. We're leaving family, too. But this endeavor allows us to be citizens of the world.”
 Don Link - “We could expand the academies, but it wouldn't have much effect because we aren't able to attract a sufficient number of candidates.”
 Don Link - “The high murder rate in Oakland has been one of the most disturbing trends.”
 Zach Link - “I'd like to encourage other kids to think of ways to get active and make a difference.”
 Henry Link - “If you wish to make a man your enemy, tell him simply, 'You are wrong.' This method works every time.”
 Terry Link - “The high prices are also positive in that theyll force less consumption, which means less fossil fuels being used and less pollution, ... Most people dont like being in a lot of traffic. If they have to pay a lot of money to do something they dont like, then they might find another way to go live closer to work or demand more mass transit.”
 Tom Link - “It will be a fun challenge to live with the power of the water and the power of the wind. Living with less is more in this case.”
 Tom Link - “It's the chance for us to accomplish a dream instead of just talking about it, ... There are so many great things to see and people to meet. I'm ready to take chances and embrace life.”
 Matt Link - “I can't fault my defense for that. Campbell just scored on shear strength, size and determination.”
 Cuban Link - “I don't want nothing to do with that man, ... We had our experience and it ended sourly it's personal. Our relationship was 12 years deep and I just know him too good and he knows me too good. It's something we can't go back on. It can't be done. It just can't.”
 Lisa Link - “I have to give credit to all of the athletes for improving throughout the season and earning 10th place.”

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